Re: RARA-AVIS: Macdonald versus Spillane: Daddy Figures

Date: 01 Nov 2007

miker wrote:

"Associating the morals of a protagonist with those of appreciative readers sounds like a solid theory to me.  I went back in the archives and made a list of those who liked Lolita and sent it to the authorities."

Good one.

I enjoy a fair amount of pop culture that counters my real life beliefs. For instance, 24 is a lot of fun, but I certainly wouldn't applaud the actions depicted in it in real life. And I like the certainty of much hardboiled heroism. Not many people got wrongly killed by heroes in vintage hardboiled.

That's one of the shifts that Block (ha, tied it in to this month) was a part of. Scudder's albatross is the innocent child he accidentally shot when pursuing a criminal while drunk. The heroes aren't quite so heroic anymore.


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