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From: Don Lee (
Date: 27 Oct 2007

The Flotilla is almost a character in itself, in the latter part of the book. Big locale in the novel.

--- Michael Robison <> wrote:

> Mark wrote:
> But a flotilla in Snow Crash? It's been a while
> since
> I've read it, but it was set in a futuristic city
> (LA?) with walled communities and also in
> cyberspace.
> Where was the flotilla?
> ***************
> It's somewhere around the middle of the book, Mark.
> I'm certain I've got the right novel. Before I
> totally gave up I came back to it a half dozen
> times.
> I remember a comment in the book about pirates
> looking
> for captives who could suppress the gag instinct.
> Wonder what that meant?
> I made a tour through my library looking for it but
> I
> was fairly certain I pitched it when we moved a few
> months back and I didn't find it. I did, however,
> dig
> up a few other sci-fis that could be called noir.
> This is all old ground (we had a hardboiled/noir
> sci-fi month way back when, didn't we?), but we go
> over the same thing over and over again anyway, so
> what the hell. Here are the ones I can remember:
> Slow River, Nicola ???
> Neverwhere, Gaiman
> Perdido Street Station, Mieville
> Clockwork Orange, Burgess
> Carlucci's Edge
> I haven't read Clockwork Orange, but I don't have to
> since I saw the movie. I was most impressed by
> Gaiman's Neverwhere. Slow River and Carlucci's Edge
> amounted to little. Perdido Street Station was
> absolutely fantastic until the end, when he flushed
> the whole thing down the shitter with a crummy
> ending.
> I read another by Mieville on the power of the
> first
> part of Perdido, but King Rat had none of the magic.
> That finished Mieville for me.
> Patrick King has already mentioned Gibson's
> Neuromancer, which I thought was brilliant even
> though
> I am still trying to figure out what happened at the
> end. I read another half-dozen by Gibson but none
> came close to his magnum opus.
> I've still got a couple by Bester that I bought back
> when we were doing the sci-fi month. One's The
> Demolished Man, or something like that, and the
> other
> one has something about stars in the title. One by
> Tim Powers that I tried to start but couldn't manage
> more than a few pages.
> miker
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