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From: Patrick King (
Date: 14 Oct 2007

I've heard that Falcon radio broadcast and it take liberties with both the book and the movie. As I recall, it's only 30 mins long. Hard to tell what anybody is really thinking when the tale is pushed together that fast.

Patrick King
--- Bill Crider <> wrote:

> Most of those Ace Doubles sold a lot of copies, as
> eBay has proven. They
> turn up all the time. One reason that they could
> sell for 35 cents is that
> the writers weren't paid much. Even if you convert
> the dollars into today's
> values, they won't come up to anywhere near Robert
> B. Parker's advances.
> Last night, driving home from a "literary festival,"
> I was listening to XM
> Radio and happened to hear the Screen Guild's
> 30-minute version of THE
> MALTESE FALCON with Bogart, Astor, Greenstreet, and
> Lorre repeating their
> original roles. I've avoided taking part in the
> discussion of whether the
> novel itself is noir, but the radio show made me
> think about Spade's being
> in love with Brigid. Bogart's reading of the line
> makes is sound as if he
> was, or at least as much in love as Spade could be.
> But that's just a line
> reading. I've always thought of the ending of the
> novel as pretty
> downbeat. Effie's going to send in Mrs. Archer.
> Spade's not in prison or a
> wheelchair, but he's got Mrs. Archer to look forward
> to.
> Bill Crider
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