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From: Don Lee (
Date: 14 Oct 2007

Charles, that breakdown on the books is certainly illuminating. I would add that HC has made the "book club" option available for those who wish to pay a little less for the books. I myself haven't joined it but am going to, and in the meantime am buying up the books you've already done as fast as I can. They're so excellent! (I know that isn't correct grammar, but it conveys very well).

Given the insane costs of practically everything, from gas to a gallon of milk, a $7 paperback nowadays does, to me, come across as reasonable. What you *have* done, in terms of increasing your market as much as possible, is (a) offer a product at the lower price end of that type product which is (b) such a gorgeous package that I, and I assume many like me, aren't willing to wait and hope we see it somewhere used, or get it from Amazon later used. For any readers w/ even the teeniest compulsive book-buying habits :-), these are just irresistible.

Anyway, thanks.

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> >
> > The kind of
> > mystery novels we love might sell 5,000 copies or
> 15,000 or maybe
> > even 50,000, but not 500,000 and definitely not
> millions. Back in
> > the Gold Medal days, you could reliably sell
> 100,000 copies of any
> > book you printed -- but those days are long gone.
> >
> > How many Hard Case Crime books have sold 20,000
> > copies or more? Not many. Not zero -- but a very
> small minority.
> > And this is in spite of *outstanding* distribution
> (we're in Barnes &
> > Noble, we're in Borders, we're in hundreds of
> independent bookstores,
> > we're in drugstores, we're even in Wal-Mart,
> albeit in small
> > numbers), and outstanding reviews in every major
> publication, and
> > lots of award nominations, and occasional TV
> appearances, etc., etc.
> That's pretty depressing. I think I've seen you
> mention before,
> Charles, that one or both of your Aleas entries is
> in development for
> a movie adaptation? Any other Hard Case originals
> in line for similar
> treatment? What kind of boost do you think those
> books in particular
> and Hard Case in general might get out of it?
> Anyway, I sure
> appreciate what you're doing. I've reviewed a few
> HC's on my blog,
> with more to come, and make a point of spreading my
> purchases around
> to different retailers, in the hopes that they'll
> all continue to
> carry them.

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