RARA-AVIS: Joe L. Hensley, RIP

From: foxbrick ( foxbrick@yahoo.com)
Date: 29 Aug 2007

Bill Crider's blog carries the mention, and a link back to the Ellison discussion website.

- Monday, August 27 2007 9:18:47


At 9 AM exactly, this morning, the 27th of August, my phone rang; and it was Tom, the younger brother of my friend of more than 50 years, the most excellent sf and mystery writer,


a staunch, talented friend I could not have loved more were he my brother. Joe died in the night. Last night.

Please spread the word. I am in fear that such mass amnesia as exists in the country, in the genre, in the massmind, that few will know his name. He needs to be remembered. Yet when I called LOCUS to report his passing, the (very polite) young woman who answered, who took the news, may not have recognized it, nor be aware of Joe's significant credits. I'm not sure; but I cannot leave this to chance. So, please, if you can: let everyone know that big, charming, wonderful Joe Hensley is no longer coming out to play with us.

Very sad, Harlan


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