RARA-AVIS: Question about Raymond Chandler: Two Ladies in the Lake?

From: harry.lerner@mail.mcgill.ca
Date: 13 Aug 2007

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I stopped by an antique fair and flea market near Port Franks, Ontario, and, among other things picked up a collection of shorter works by Raymond Chandler called "Killer in the Rain" (this copy is a Ballantine Mystery publication from 1977). The stories in this collection include, for example, "The Man Who Liked Dogs", "Try the Girl" and "Mandarin's Jade".

Also in this volume is "Lady in the Lake". I recently read the 1971 Ballantine edition of "Lady in the Lake" and it is almost 170 pages longer than "Lady in the Lake" in the "Killer in the Rain" volume. My question is this: what is the relationship between these two stories? Is the stand alone version a much expanded version of the one in the edited volume (which in turn derives from the original 1937/1938 Dime Detective Magazine stories), or is there more a back story to all of this?

Thanks in advance!

Dr. Harry Lerner

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