Re: RARA-AVIS: Trouble Is My Business & Total Chaos

Date: 26 Jun 2007

Kevin replied to my query about his thinking Steranko was subtle:

"Certainly more subtle and nuanced than Miller. Compare CHANDLER/RED RAIN to SIN CITY."

Yeah, but compare Sin City to Nick Fury. Ain't that far apart in the style is everything department (though very diferent styles).

"And yeah, there's nothing wrong with 'over the top.' But Marlowe isn't really an 'over the top' kinda guy."

Agreed, which is why I started by saying that although I liked Miller, he wouldn't be my choice to write Marlowe.

"On the other hand, Miller would be perfect to helm a Mike Hammer film."

Absolutely. Have thought the same myself.

"I'm not sure who the slick doofus in the sports car with the briefcase and the bomb was, but it certainly wasn't Mike Hammer."

May not have been Mike Hammer, but Kiss Me Deadly was a great movie.


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