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From: Robert Elkin (
Date: 28 Jun 2007

I have little knowledge of this, but isn't Miller generally held in regard for his artwork rather than for his storytelling? I remember some friends being into comics years back, & they all talked about Neil Adams, Miller, & Bernie Wrightson--but noone went further than art...of course, that was then.

--- wrote:

> Kevin replied to my query about his thinking
> Steranko was subtle:
> "Certainly more subtle and nuanced than Miller.
> Yeah, but compare Sin City to Nick Fury. Ain't that
> far apart in the
> style is everything department (though very diferent
> styles).
> "And yeah, there's nothing wrong with 'over the
> top.' But Marlowe isn't
> really an 'over the top' kinda guy."
> Agreed, which is why I started by saying that
> although I liked Miller,
> he wouldn't be my choice to write Marlowe.
> "On the other hand, Miller would be perfect to helm
> a Mike Hammer film."
> Absolutely. Have thought the same myself.
> "I'm not sure who the slick doofus in the sports car
> with the briefcase
> and the bomb was, but it certainly wasn't Mike
> Hammer."
> May not have been Mike Hammer, but Kiss Me Deadly
> was a great movie.
> Mark

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