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From: E. Borgers (
Date: 20 May 2007

I totally agre with you on this take on Truffaut, especially for "Shoot the Piano Player" wherein he missed the essence of Goodis' book and reduced it into a vaudeville...
  This kind of statement already sent me many times to the stake during discussions I had with so-called film specialists, being all real "beni oui-oui".
  As for Godard, I forgive him a lot due to the set of incredibly good and inovative films he gave us : the films you cite of course, but also what is maybe his darkest film behind some festive and intellectual varnish that covers the story here and there: PIERROT LE FOU. Intellectual noir ?
  And I agree: in his best films, Godard is usually noir.

William Ahearn <> a 飲it :
--- wrote:

> Godard is an avowed fan of US noir, mentions a
> number of noir writers in
> Godard on Godard.

Breathless, Band of Outsiders, Weekend and Alphaville are some of my favorite movies and I still haven't gotten through the whole catalog. Godard "got" noir by making it his way. Unlike Truffaut who totally missed it. He ruined The Bride Wore Black and Waltz Into Darkness (Mississippi Mermaid) by Woolrich and I hated Shoot the Piano Player. And yes, I read Down There.


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