Re: RARA-AVIS: No Country for Old Men, the movie

Date: 20 May 2007

That's partly why I'm always w****ng on about the Coen's doing a real Chandler! No doubt it would be a letdown. Hey ho.
  I hadn't really thought of their other movies in that way and I'll certainly watch Miller's Crossing again with that in mind (I think I saw it before I'd read any Hammett anyway).
  The BBC showed The Maltese Falcon last night, which was a treat - very hardboiled indeed, and in a way that so few modern movies match - what a performance by Mr Bogart!
  Sorry I ought to try and say something on topic too. I didn't watch the Ladykillers because I love the original too much (very, very, softboiled? Comedy noir?) but, yes, it would be great to have the Coens back at their best.
  Cheero all,


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