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From: Patrick King (
Date: 17 Mar 2007

But you seem to be missing that the whole thing was a psychotic episode. There was very little going on outside the protagonist's fantasy. That, I think, was the point of the book. This was how this person dealt with the fact that he'd been committed to Shutter Island, telling himself he was there "in a professional capacity," and making up a scenario close to his real life before the psychotic break. This is not occult, this psychological fact. That's how, according to current medical belief, these types of personalities deal with this kind of situation. Yes, if you believe anything this person is relating is true, the story is unbelievable. But if you see the whole book as a little like the first chapter of The Sound & the Fury, I think it begins to look like a great book, certianly an original story.

Patrick King
--- Dave Zeltserman <> wrote:

> I find the whole premise of the book "cheating"
> since there's no way
> any prison hospital would give a dangerous inmate
> free reign, and
> create the scenario that was given, and I did find
> other smaller
> cheating, such as his convenient psychotic episodes
> imagining a
> woman inmate, and there were others. That said, none
> of this
> cheating and utter preposterousness of the story
> would've bothered
> me if this were a Stephen King book. Maybe even that
> innanely hokey
> rules of nine, or whatever that code was, wouldn't
> have bothered me
> (nah, I still owuld've found it too precious and it
> still would've
> bugged the hell out of me). That was kind of my
> point in that its
> all readers expectation--if I was expecting a horror
> novel, I
> probably would've enjoyed Shutter Island. Expecting
> a crime or noir
> novel, I was disappointed and felt cheated. All that
> being said--I
> did find this Lehane's best novel, and it's not
> Lehane's fault how
> the book was marketed, reviewed (as a crime
> novel--at least by the
> reviews I read), or the expectations I ended up
> having. And in a
> way, I'm guilty of the same--I intentionally set up
> Fast Lane for
> the reader to think it's a PI novel, which it isn't
> by any means,
> and I'm sure some readers were equally annoyed once
> they figured
> what the book really was.
> --Dave Z.

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