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>(I have this sniggering desire to throw gasoline on the fire.)
> 25-JANUARY-07
>Graham Yost, creator and executive producer of the upcoming NBC drama
>Raines, told SCI FI Wire that the series is heavily influenced by the work
>of classic noir novelist Raymond Chandler, particularly The Long Goodbye.
>"My love of Los Angeles does come from the fact that I grew up in Toronto
>and visited L.A. occasionally, but really got to know it through Chandler,"
>Yost said at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena,
>Calif. "And, truly, doing Raines was my sort of [chance] to actually write
>something that had at least a flavor of Chandler and has a character who is
>self-aware about that. He loves Chandler, too, and that's part of his
>In addition to Chandler's writings, Yost also referenced various film
>adaptations, especially Robert Altman's 1972 film based on The Long Goodbye.
>"What Altman did with Long Goodbye was to take Chandler and put it in 1972,"
>he said. "And it felt like a 1972 film, and yet Elliott Gould still was this
>classic hard-boiled detective. So it was still noir, but it was 1972. And we
>wanted to do that for 2006, 2007. And I hope we've done it. We've learned
>more and more about it as we went along."
>Jeff Goldblum stars in the series as detective Michael Raines, a homicide
>investigator who begins seeing and hearing murder victims as he's working on
>their cases.
>In a press conference, Goldblum said that he has always been a fan of
>Chandler's work and spoke with Yost about the noir inspiration as soon as he
>signed on to the project.
>"Because of this, I watched The Long Goodbye again," he said. "When we first
>talked about it, [Graham] even said, 'You know, what we want sort of maybe
>in tone-we don't want to copy anything-but look at Long Goodbye again. I
>said, 'I've seen it many times.'"
>Goldblum added that he found the character to be one of the most interesting
>he's every played.
>"I had one of the best times I've ever had in my whole life," he said.
>"That's true. This cast, everybody is so great. And meeting with Graham, he
>was so great, and Frank, I wanted to work with them. I loved the idea. I
>loved the script and I loved that character. And The Long Goodbye. ... We
>find out that he pretends not to care and is indifferent, but is wildly
>romantic and vulnerable and cares deeply and is idealistic, in fact. There
>was something about this character like that that I kind of fell in love
>Raines premieres March 15 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. -Cindy White
>Happy Presidents' Day
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Dr. Z! You know how to stir it up!

As I think I mentioned here many months ago, part of this pilot was shot at High Tower in homage to Altman's The Long Goodbye. The actual apartment we use as an office proved too small for their needs so they just shot exteriors, then built sets for the interiors. They used our office as video village, so everyone huddled in the place as a command center. And I became tour guide for The Long Goodbye museum.

A large number of the cast and crew - including Yost and Goldblum - came to me on the second day of shooting and said that they had gone home the night before and revisited The Long Goodbye on DVD due to the effects of being at the location. They all seemed to love the film and were really excited to be at the spot where it all began.

Speaking of which - I'm still getting the occasional note from rare birds about today's party and I'm about to leave for the Liquor store, so I will be offline for the duration. Anyone else who wants to come, the directions are easy: get to the corner of Camrose and High Tower (near the Hollywood Bowl). Park. Walk up to the high tower. Take the elevator to the top. The party will be at the noisy apartment to the right.

The number down there is 323 883 0817 if you get lost.

Please, no crank calls from The League of Altman Despisers.


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