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Date: 15 Feb 2007

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> "I'd like to add that THE SILENT PARTNER is another terriffic
> hardboiled/noir Elliot Gould movie. I'm not sure how easy it is to find,
> but it's worth the quest. It's an early script by Curtis Hansen who
> would go on to co-write the screenplay and direct L.A. CONFIDENTIAL many
> years later."
> Meant to reply to this at the time (don't think I did, if so, sorry for
> the repeat).  Looked it up.  It's coming out on DVD in April.  A
> terribly underrated film unknown to most.  It's modest in its goals, but
> really achieves them (a trait I'm coming to appreciate more and more
> these days).  I was so blown away by it when I saw it during that mere
> week or two it was out that I gathered up some friends and went back to
> the the theater the very next night.  Hope it holds up.
> Oh yeah, it's got a '70s violent scene to rival the coke bottle scene in
> Long Goodbye.

I recall having the same reaction back then but also haven't seen it since

interesting post about Chandler adapting Cain as well. I had heard most of that before. I appreciate Chandler for his virtues, which are tremendous enough to forgive him his failings. but I'm a much bigger fan of both Postman and Indemnity than anything in the Marlowe pantheon. and I completely disagree that the film written by Chandler is an improvement over the book. I love Cain's ending

The moon.

John Lau

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