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Date: 15 Feb 2007

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>Terrill wrote:
>"Jim, you're assuming Altman thinks being a loser is a bad thing. If you look at just about any of his films it is pretty clear to see that he sympathizes with the losers over the winners every time."
>Yeah, sure. Take THE PLAYER, for examp- oh... uhhhh.... that is....

You're saying he's on Griffin Mill's side in that movie? Interesting take. Here I was thinking Altman was being ironic with the "happy" ending and all. Guess I better watch that flick again, too.

(For what it's worth it always seemed to me that Altman's sympathies were with Griffin's discarded girlfriend who makes the mistake of trying to play somewhat straight in the film business and ends up a great big loser at the end of the movie. I probably have that wrong as well, but the illusion was satisfying while it lasted.)

>Seriously though, the above statement struck me as incredibly glib.

Not simply glib? INCREDIBLY glib? Damn it! And here I was trying to be sincere for a change.

>For what it's worth, I don't think that Altman's characters were ever "real" to him. It always seemed to me as if for him, directing actors was a bit like moving chess pieces around on a board, and if you've gotta sacrifice a knight and a few pawns.... well.

Seems I've completely misunderstood what Altman was doing all along. Hell, now I've got to sit down and watch ALL of his films again. (Thanks!)

>Your Mileage May Vary-

It does.


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