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From: Kerry J. Schooley (
Date: 09 Feb 2007

At 03:42 PM 09/02/2007 +0000, ccpjlehane wrote:

>As one of the noir panelists at LCC, I'm pleased that Brian and Donna, and
>others, took Tim
>Wohlforth to task for his disparaging remark about Ken Bruen, and a bit
>ashamed of myself
>for not questioning the comment when it was made. First of all, besides
>being one of the
>most generous and supportive writers on earth (blurbs from Ken appear on
>the covers of
>both Megan's latest book, The Song is You, and my upcoming book, as well
>as those of many
>other emerging or struggling crime writers), Ken Bruen makes crime fiction
>and literary
>excellence synonymous. He practices our art and craft at the highest
>level, and all crime
>writers benefit from his doing so. As for my neglecting to set the record
>straight at the time, I
>can only say that I wasn't paying as close attention to the moderator as I
>should have been
>and the attack didn't register with me. For that, I apologize to Ken and
>thank those who
>didn't let this slip by.

Good God! My dog doesn't get this much petting.

Best, Kerry

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