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Date: 27 Jan 2007

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> I have even more respect for Vilmos because of something that happened at
> that apartment a few months ago, John. Frank Darabont and a crew from NBC
> wanted to shoot part of a TV pilot called RAINES in the apartment. They scouted
> it, then deemed it too small. They didn't think they could get enough angles.
> They asked me what was different in the place that had made it smaller since
> '73 and I showed them that the only changes were the fact that a few cabinet
> doors had been taken off back then to give the feeling of a more open space.
> The work area was unchanged. The crew in 1973 obviously had to deal with much
> bulkier equipment than Frank's crew would have been working with, but they
> managed to get through it all without too much strain. Darabont finally
> decided to build the apartment on a set and just shoot exteriors at High Tower
> (using our pad as video village). 
> These kids nowadays....
> Glad you're a fellow fan of TLG.

you actually LIVE in that space? how cool is that?

some but not all of what I love about Altman's film:

how every piece of music is ambient and yet a refrain of the theme, except for the ironic sample at the end

how every single shot is a very slow pan

Sterling Hayden's performance

Jim Bouton's performance

Nina Van Palandt

Schwartzenegger in his underwear

"That's someone I love. You I don't even like."

John Lau

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