Re: RARA-AVIS: Dead Horse, and others

From: Duane Swierczynski (
Date: 28 Dec 2006

Ron C. wrote:

BTW, on the subject of "others," I just finished THE BLONDE by Duane S. and it's a terrific read...different in tone from THE WHEELMAN -- almost a noir'ish homage to B-movie thrillers, complete with the cackling mad scientist -- yet still echoing with that same dark and captivating narrative drive. An outstanding followup to what was one of last year's best novels.

* * *

Thanks, Ron! So glad you enjoyed it. Does my mad scientist cackle? Well, I guess he does, a bit...

I'm also glad you think the book is different in tone from its predecessor. I don't want to be producing clone after clone. (Though lately I have been itching to do a WHEELMAN sequel...) The next book, SEVERANCE PACKAGE, is very different from the first two, but hopefully, is just as fast-paced.

Speaking of fast-paced novels, let me recommend Joe Schreiber's CHASING THE DEAD, a truly creepy, high-octane thriller/horror novel that Ballantine published a few months ago.

And Al Guthrie turned me on to ALTERED CARBON, a sci-fi/noir novel that has been mentioned on this list a few times over the years. Truly fine stuff.


Duane Swierczynski

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