Re: RARA-AVIS: Dead Horse, and others

From: R. & J. Clinton (
Date: 24 Dec 2006

From: "Bill Crider" <>
> And speaking of great stuff, PointBlank has reprinted OF ALL THE BLOODY
> CHEEK, the first of Frank McAuliffe's novels about Augustus Mandrell.
> There's nothing else like these books, which are a series of "commissions"
> undertaken by Mandrell. It's impossible for me to explain just how the
> commissions are connected, not only with one another but with all the
> commissions that Mandrell has in other books in the series. I find these
> books hilarious, ingeniously constructed, and irresistible. If you've
> read them, you really should give them a try.

Thanks for the push on this one, Bill -- I've been keeping a very close and interested eye on this one, and I think you just pushed me over the edge. The little bit of research I did on this series after seeing it on the PointBlank site sure has me intrigued.

BTW, on the subject of "others," I just finished THE BLONDE by Duane S. and it's a terrific read...different in tone from THE WHEELMAN -- almost a noir'ish homage to B-movie thrillers, complete with the cackling mad scientist -- yet still echoing with that same dark and captivating narrative drive. An outstanding followup to what was one of last year's best novels.

Also recently finished DRIVE by James's all it's cracked up to be; really enjoyed this one, too.

Ron C.

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