RARA-AVIS: Re: Huston's Moon Knight

From: Edward Pettit ( epetti01@yahoo.com)
Date: 20 Dec 2006

>Unfortunately, the way the story has been spun through 7 issues so
>far, has been so complicated and obscure that only those already
>intimately familiar with Moon Knight's backstory would be able to
>follow it. It's not a comic that would probably appeal to
newcomers, >which makes me wonder how long it's going to make it
> Craig Larson
> Maple Grove, MN

You know, I had never read Moon Knight in its previous incarnations and I had no trouble following the new Huston story. I'm really digging it. The backstory is deftly woven in. Those very familiar with MK's past probably know much more than I do, but I know just enough for the present story's purpose. That's sometimes a tough order to fill, but Huston and the artists do it damn well. My only caveat is that individual issues are so short that a little story is spread over several months. I would have been much happier to read it in one collected format. Too late now, though, as I'm too hooked to wait.

Ed Pettit

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