RARA-AVIS: Huston's Moon Knight

From: Craig Larson ( CLarson@nhcc.edu)
Date: 20 Dec 2006

I'm a big Charlie Huston fan, too, and have been following his take on Moon Knight, also one of my favorite characters. It is very dark and gritty and traces how Marc Spector hits bottom, until two of his old enemies, Bushman and Taskmaster, reappear and spur him back into action.
 The artwork is great and the story is violent and gory and marked by the great, hardboiled dialogue that Huston brings to his novels. Unfortunately, the way the story has been spun through 7 issues so far, has been so complicated and obscure that only those already intimately familiar with Moon Knight's backstory would be able to follow it. It's not a comic that would probably appeal to newcomers, which makes me wonder how long it's going to make it--the secret to sales is a story that grabs you from page one and is easy to follow. Huston also wrote an Ultimates Annual story about Captain America and the Falcon set during the ongoing Civil War storyline that's pretty good and I see he's got a Man-Thing story coming in early 2007. Looking forward to Joe Pitt
#2, No Dominion.

Craig Larson Maple Grove, MN

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