RARA-AVIS: The best contemporaries

From: juri.nummelin@pp.inet.fi
Date: 11 Dec 2006

I second the nominations of Jason Starr and Scott Phillips. I also liked the hell out of Max Phillips's FADE TO BLONDE, but I don't know if he has other noir books coming out.

In Finland, there's Tapani Bagge. We also had Arto Salminen whose weird novels were strict noir, but without any thriller or suspense elements. He died a year back. A taxi driver in profession - now, isn't that convenient for a noirist?


PS. Am reading Laura Lippman's THE SUGAR HOUSE at the moment. It's not hardboiled, but very intriguing - even the personal life of Tess Monaghan, her private eye hero, seems to be germane to the plot, which seems amazing to me, given that these things in mystery novels feel just like padding.

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