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From: Stewart Wilson (
Date: 14 Jun 2004

Brian Thornton wrote:

>I'm currently halfway through Gores' _32 CADILLACS_ and love it.
Then you'll want to read CONS, SCAMS & GRIFTS next, which is essentially a continuation of the mostly Rom DKA tales. After HAMMET, which I enjoyed, then INTERFACE, which I loved, I had tried reading some of the early DKA, but they just didn't click. I'm guessing I was looking for more INTERFACE, but whatever it was, I couldn't get more than a few pages into those books without putting them down.

I eventually read 32 CADILLACS on Mr. Denton's recommendation, found it extremely enjoyable, and it got me introduced to enough of the DKA characters to instantly enjoy the more somber early DKA novels.

After that, it was anything I could get my hands on. I have not yet read either WOLF TIME, A TIME OF THE PREDATORS, or DEAD MAN.

Todd Mason wrote:

>I was lucky enough to be addicted early on to ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS:
>anthologies, and so came across the brutal incidents, humanely but
>unsentimentally chronicled in the likes of "Goodbye, Pops," "Watch for It,"
>and the story about witnessing an execution, decades ago.
That last story is called 'The Second Coming'. All three of those were recently ('99) reprinted in SPEAK OF THE DEVIL which has the following contents:

Speak of the Devil The Second Coming Raptor Plot It Yourself Smart Guys Don't Snore Watch For It Quit Screaming Killer Man Faulty Register You're Putting Me On, Aren't You? The Andrech Samples Night Out Sleep the Big Sleep Goodbye, Pops


Stewart Wilson
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