RARA-AVIS: A Farewell Knockout

From: Miano, Mark (NBC) ( Mark.Miano@nbc.com)
Date: 05 May 2004

It's funny to see the knockout list this morning, since I was reading FAREWELL, MY LOVELY late last night and came across just such a scene. (I'm taking Jim Doherty's on online course, which is very good btw) While reading, I marked the text because I was thinking about how much of a cliche this device has become.

Anyway, here's how Chandler handled it:

The man in the back seat made a sudden flashing movement that I sensed rather than saw. A pool of darkness opened at my feet and was far, far deeper than the blackest night. I dived into it. It had no bottom.

One thing I like about the way Chandler does it is that afterwards, there are serious physical repercussions for Marlowe. He wobbles around and even gets accused of having the DT's. That's a far cry from the gumshoe who gets knocked out and then jumps back to consciousness, ready to go.

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