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From: Bludis Jack ( buildsnburns@yahoo.com)
Date: 05 May 2004

William Denton said:

<<<A classic scene we've all read many times is when the hero gets hit on the head and knocked out. In real life, this can kill you, or give you a concussion, or at least make you throw up. In most books, it makes a black void open up in front of you and you fall in soundlessly, and then you wake up half an hour later with a headache.>>>

Unless my memory is faulty from having been knocked out too many times--three. Chandler, the best of the best, used this gimick in every book or in at least most of them.

And didn't Chanlder use some cutesy descriptions when being knocked out?

I remember having the headache, but I don't remember throwing up at any of the three times I was knocked out. To me "knock out" is the a tern synonimous with concussion. At least that's what I thought when the doctors examined me. In one of these incidents the fog lingered for several days. The others cleared up by the next morning.

Professional athletes who have a series of concussions usually get worse with each and synapses get mangled and eventulally you get the syndrome of the "punch drunk fighter." I'm not sure what the technical name of that is.

It's a good story gimick, and lets face it, although it may fit many character's paradigm, it is also unrealistic.

But if we want realism, why not just watch
"Cops?" Yeah, that's real all right!

Jack Bludis

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