RARA-AVIS: Some questions for Mr. Sallis

From: Michael Robison ( zspider@gte.net)
Date: 08 Feb 2004

It's an honor to have you on the list, Mr. Sallis. I've enjoyed both your fiction and nonfiction. I was hoping that I could ask a few questions of you. I've got a ton of them, actually, but I'll be merciful and ask just a few.

Publishers oftentimes make special plot and theme requests from authors. Marijane Meaker (Vin Packer) stated that her Gold Medal editor laid down the lesbian theme he wanted for her first book, SPRING FIRE. Towards the end of the Fifties, Charles Williams resisted strong suggestions that he develop a series character. Have you experienced any coaxing for a certain story line from any of your publishers? If yes, what was it and did you agree or not?

I'm always interested in what authors are reading, too. What are the last two or three books you've read? Was it your first exposure to any of the authors? What was your opinion of the books?

Are there any contemporary authors that have influenced your writing? Who are they? Any particular books of theirs? Are there any writers from pre-1920 who have influenced your work? Who are they?

Thank you, miker

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