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Date: 23 Nov 2003

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 Richard wrote:
 Also, MikeR, I recommend in the highest terms Clark
 Howard. Crippen & Landru has published collections
 of his wonderful shorter fiction such as CHALLENGE
 Thanks for the recommendations, Richard. I've been
 looking for something else from Crippen & Landru. I
 was thinking about the Gerald Kersh stories.
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I have the Crippen & Landru collection of Karmesin stories and am very pleased with it. However, those stories are not of the sort usually discussed here.
 Ellery Queen used to call them "smoker car stories." There is a frame with the Kersh running into Karmesin who proceeds to relate a tall tale. They are to Kersh what the Tales from the White Hart are to Arthur C. Clarke. Have you read Kersh's NIGHT AND THE CITY? It was back in print as recently as last year. There are other collections with samples of the darker Kersh along with the light, such as MEN WITHOUT BONES.

Richard Moore

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