From: Michael Robison ( miker_zspider@yahoo.com)
Date: 24 Nov 2003

Richard Moore wrote: Have you read Kersh's NIGHT AND THE CITY?

************* The only Kersh I've read is PRELUDE TO A CERTAIN MIDNIGHT. NIGHT AND THE CITY looks like a good one to follow it up with. The Karmesin stories sounded like a light and fun variation of the Flashman books.

Over the weekend I took a break from Ms Dolores Delgado and Freeling's BUGLES BLOWING and read something I've had for a few months, Manuel Ramos's MOONY'S ROAD TO HELL. Great book. Interesting and intense characters, especially private investigator Danny Mora. The contrast between the characters' light and breezy social outings and their dirty private lives was well done, and the progressively darker mood hangs with the best of the noir genre.


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