RARA-AVIS: as Long As We're Talking About 'Noir Westerns'

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Date: 08 Oct 2003

From: Bill Crider < bcrider@houston.rr.com> Sent: Oct 6, 2003 1:40 PM To: rara-avis@icomm.ca Subject: RARA-AVIS: Gorman's Noir Westerns

You're right, Todd. Gorman wrote a couple of terrific noir westerns for Gold Medal a few years ago. WOLF MOON was one. I think THE SHARPSHOOTER was the other, but I'm not sure of that title.

Bill Crider


As king as we're talking about noir westerns ...
I know that several Luke Short novels were turned into noir-ish westerns in the late '440s. "Ramrod," f'rinstance, and "Station West" and "Blood on the Moon." Were any of the original novels noir in feeling, or was that strictly a by-product of when the films were made?
As long as the subject is raised, too, we might asa well mention that western author Frank Gruber was involved in the writing of noir-ish films "Johnny Angel" (co-writer: Steve Fisher) and "Mask of Dimitrios."


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