From: Michael Robison ( miker_zspider@yahoo.com)
Date: 08 Oct 2003

Mark Sullivan wrote: I've seen Smack in the bookstore and thought about picking it up, since I'm fascinated by books about junkies. Did she like it?

***************** Hi Mark,

    I'm Amber Robison (Michael Robison's daughter). Let me start by saying that it was a very good book. I know they say, "Never judge a book by its cover", but i do. This book cover caught my eye.

     It is about 2 teenage runaways, Tar and Gemma, and their fall when they experiment with heroin. I think the setting is in England. They mentioned a place called Bristol and words like quid, punter, and squatting. Tar and Gemma move in with strangers who are junkies, Rob and Lily. This is where the experiment with heroin begins. Not after to long they are addicted.

    This book shows you just how much heroin can bring
 ou down, how dramatically it changes your life. Here's some quotes from the book:

    "Dealings ok, it's a buisness. You go round and visit your friends, buy a little, sale a little, take a little. We usually have enough money left over to get food and stuff, so we don't have so much shoplifting to do."

    "Live fast, die young, before you get any older."
            - Lily

    "Everyone thinks they're stronger than heroin. That's how it makes you feel. But they'll be deaths."
            - Vonny

    "How good of a mother can you be whne your on smack? And jacking up while your breast feeding. I've seen her. All the veins in her arms and behind her knees have gone where she's poked the needle around so much, so she injects it into the veins inbetween her breasts. I've seen her with the baby poking about to find a vein."

     I think the reason why i loved this book so much is because, it's a smack in the face. It really does leave a mark. It shows you what the real world is like, it doesn't lie. Earlier in the year I had to write a persuasive essay in my English class about this book. I saw my english teacher the other day in the library checking it out!!!! If you need any other info feel free to click reply to this e-mail.

                         Amber Bianca Robison

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