RARA-AVIS: Hardboiled Music: Lest We Forget

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Date: 09 Sep 2003

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>[...] I recall a thread about hardboiled music
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Do let's remember:

Lauren Bacall singing "And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine" ["The Big Sleep"]

Hadda Brooks singing "I Hadn't Anyone Till You" ["In A Lonely Place"]

Marie Bryant singing "Your Red Wagon" ["They Live Bt Night"]

Hoagy Carmichael singing "My Resistance is Low" ["The Las Vegas Story"]

Nat "King" Cole singing "I'd Rather Have The Blues Than What I've Got" {"Kiss Me Deadly"]

Matt Dennis singing "Angel Eyes" ["Jennifer"]

Anita Ellis singing "Put The Blame On Mame" ["Gilda"] and "Please Don't Kiss Me" {"Lady from Shanghai"]

Ida Lupino singing "Again" ["Road House"]

Jane Russell singing "Five Little Miles To San Berdoo" ["His Kind of Woman"]

Plus whoever supplied the voice for Gloria Grahame's "Paradise" ["A Woman's Secret"]

 ... and maybe, although I know this one only by reputation, Lola Albright singing "Dreamsville" in the TV version of "Peter Gunn"?


P.S. I always turn off "An American Dream" after Eleanor Parker takes The Big Plunge (what could ever live up to *that* performance?), so I've no idea who -- if anyone -- performs "A Time To Love." It is, however, a good song written for quasi-noir movie.

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