John Cale, Charles Mingus and hard boiled music (Was: Re: RARA-AVIS: Warren Zevon & hardboiled music)

Date: 09 Sep 2003

J.T. Wrote:

> Not to shift attention from Zevon, but I recall a thread about hardboiled
> music and digging my shelves for stuff to go with "Lawyers, Guns and Money"
> I came across the albums John Cale did in the mid-70s and would heartily
> recommend "Fear" (1974) and Slow Dazzle (1975) in particular to anybody
> looking for suitable music. Songs like "Guts", "Gun", "Barracuda", "Fear is
> a Man's Best Friend", and a brilliant spooky version of "Heartbreak Hotel"
> should appeal to anybody who likes Zevon and hardboiled fiction. (good
> lyric sample:
> ttp:// --Juha.

Not to allow my ignorance to show too vividly, but is the the same John Cale who played with the Velvet Underground? It's also not J.J. Cale of "Cocaine" fame, is it (another great potential hard-boiled mystery song, for my money)?

Another song worth a listen for those who are afficionados of 50s hard-bioled is Charles Mingus' "II B. S." (Two B.S.). I watched "The Big Heat" on the Mystery Channel last night, and played "II B. S." right afterward while read- ing "Find a Victim" by Ross MacDonald. Seemed to fit right into the mood.

Man, Lee Marvin deserved an Oscar for what he did in "The Big Heat."

All the Best,


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