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From: Todd Mason (
Date: 10 Jun 2003

Server is an enthusiastic and respectful reader, but not one of the more systematic nor precise users of the established argot...

TM (who is saddened that Mike Ashley's modern cf encyclopedia doesn't in its first edition include such people who began but certainly didn't end in early-mid 1900s as William Campbell Gault, but does include some more recent folk I find pretty marginal for cf, such as Bret Easton Ellis, or generally minor, such as BE Ellis despite his popularity--a judgement call I can respect though not agree with...and who didn't bother to buy a cheap remainder of a "reference to women cf writers" that didn't even mention nor cite in the index Leigh Brackett nor "Craig Rice.")

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<<There are some strange omissions: Ross Macdonald gets two

pages (and a nice picture with Margaret Millar and daugher), but John D. MacDonald isn't mentioned.>>

But why did he include Ross Macdonald in a list of pulp writers? He doesn't really belong there. Of course John D. does belong, and quite prominently.

How does he define "pulp writer"?

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