RARA-AVIS: Robin Winks 1981 seminar at Yale on the Detective Novel

From: RJ LC ( tamsui1984@yahoo.com)
Date: 06 Feb 2003

Robin Winks is an acknowledged authority on detective novels, espionage fiction and the teaching of history. In 1981 he developed a seminar at Yale which he called Society and the Detective Novel. It is a bit much to hope for but I am wondering if anyone on this List participated in that first seminar? (I have a few questions in mind.) Prof. Winks had earlier edited a book of essays entitled THE HISTORIAN AS DETECTIVE: Essays on Evidence (1968) in which he introduced his view that detective fiction has a place in the reading of students and working historians. I think it fair to say that the idea is now widely accepted. Are any of Prof. Winks ex students subscribing to this List? Curious.

Ronald Jack

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