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 Oh and an afterhought - some interesting, very vaguely h/b novels of the
 period are those set actually set in the music business, Elaine Jesmer's
 Motown roman a clef, Number One With A Bullet, Babs Deal's terrific
 Nashville novel, High Lonesome World - btw has anyone read any of Babs
 Deal's other stuff?
I wasn't familiar with that Babs Deal novel. Thanks for the tip. I have a Bantam reprint of a mainstream novel ACRES OF AFTERNOON originally published by McKay in 1959. The Bantam blurb said it was "...a startling first novel by a startling young novelist." And further down: "Babs H. Deal writes of her generation with the brilliance of a Fitzgerald, the unsparing realism of an O'Hara."

I have not read the novel although I intend to. The fact that this reprint does not have a word or two of praise clipped from reviews has slowed me down as Bantam was big on doing that when possible. But then, it may mean nothing. I have liked Babs' stories in Ellery Queen and Alfred Hitchcock mystery magazines, some of which were reprinted in the "Best of" volumes and other anthologies.

John, you probably were on the list when some months ago we discussed the Babs and Borden Deal soap opera situation with John D. MacDonald as presented in the Hugh Merrill bio of JDM. If not, you might find the archives of interest.

Richard Moore

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