RARA-AVIS: Carlo Lucarelli

From: Chris Martin ( cptpipes@hotmail.com)
Date: 05 Feb 2003

Ever since Bill Denton proposed the Decade of the Month themes I've been looking forward to March, as 70s month will give me a nice kickstart to both reread my favorite Elmore Leonards from that period, as well as to finally get around to those I've missed so far.

It was with this in mind that while scanning L section of the fiction bookshelves recently, I stumbled across Carlo Lucarelli's ALMOST BLUE. This short, absorbing book can easily be read in one setting. I often skim over the "short chapter from the serial killer's POV," but Lucarelli's writing and the translation from Italian are strong enough to demand that you stay with it. However, the chapters from the blind man Simone's point of view are the most compelling as his listening skills handle the detecting. That said, along with the Manchette titles, this is another gem from the City Lights re-issues series. I hope to see Lucarelli's other novels translated to English soon.


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