RARA-AVIS: 60s month: PICKUP

From: Chris Martin ( cptpipes@hotmail.com)
Date: 05 Feb 2003

For sixties month I'm halfway through Willeford's PICKUP, which I'm sure many if not most on this list have already read. When I mentioned the book to a friend, he let a major spoiler slip that surprised me when he said it almost as much as it would have had I made it to the end without that knowledge. Now I am picking up on clues that I never would have noticed otherwise. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

As for the comments on hardboiled hippies: I reread THE LONG GOODBYE for 50s month, which got me thinking about the strange and delightful (to me at least) version of Marlowe that Elliot Gould created for the movie. All of this may be moot since the movie is from the 70s (or maybe that further reinforces points made by others earlier), but though Gould's Marlowe was certainly not a hippie, a lot of the fun came from watching this guy (who was certainly not Chandler's Marlowe) interact with hippies.


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