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Date: 30 Dec 2002

Here're a few that haven't been mentioned.

UNEASY STREET by Wade Miller Max Thursday clears up a San Diego murder during the Christmas season.

MURDER IS MY DISH by Stephen Marlowe Globe-trotting PI Chet Drum spends the Christmas holidays looking for the murderer of his partner in South America. This novel fictionalizes the Galindez
"disappearance" that caused such a stir in the early

MERRY CHRISTMAS, MURDOCK by Robert J. Ray SoCal op gets involved in Shopping Mall crimes.

"E" IS FOR EVIDENCE by Sue Grafton Kinsey Milhone works through Christmas in this entry in the popular series.

58 MINUTES by Walter Wager NYPD Police Captain leads the counter-offensive against a terrorist attack on JFK Airport just as his duaghter is flying home for a Christmas visit. This became the second DIE HARD film, with John McClane
(Burce Willis) substituted for the original hero, and DC's Dulles Airport substituted for NYC's Kennedy.

DEATH OF A POSTMAN by John Creasey Inspector West of the Yard foils a postal robbery during the Christmas season.

RED CHRISTMAS by Patrick Ruell Espionage thriller set at (of all places) a British B&B that is using a Dickens Christmas festival as a cover for covert operations.

THE BLACK MARBLE by Joseph Wambaugh Russian-American Burglary detective in the LAPD looks into the theft of a thoroughbred dog while celebrating Orthodox Christmas in early January.

Ed McBain uses holidays frequently in his 87th Precinct books. Here're some of his Christmas books.

THE PUSHER by Ed McBain Steve Carella tried to uncover a drug ring operating in his precinct that may have hooked his lieutenant's son. But for the intervention of the editor, this book would have been Carella's rendevous with the Reichenbach.

SADIE WHEN SHE DIED by Ed McBain Carella again looking into the suspicious murder of a young wife at Christmas time.

MONEY MONEY MONEY by Ed McBain One of the latest 87th Precincts has the boys looking for counterfeit money all through the month of December.

AND ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE by Ed McBain Actually a short story but published as a separate book. A few hours in the squadroom one Christmas Eve.

LUULABY by Ed McBain The boys look into the murder of an infant on New Year's Day (which is, after all, the Seventh Day of Christmas).

THE GOOSEBERRY FOOL by James McClure Police procedure in Apartheid-era South Africa as white Police Lieutenant Tromp Kramer and his black partner, Sergeant Mickey Zondi, try to do humane police work in a fundamentally inhumane society. Tromp, whose birthday falls around Christmas, recalls the season with distaste.

That doesn't even scratch the surface, but it should last you awhile.


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