Re: RARA-AVIS: DAMES, DANGER, DEATH by Brett Halliday, et al. (edited by Leo Mar gulies)

From: William Denton (
Date: 30 Dec 2002

On 30 December 2002, Todd Mason wrote:

: As one pretty tired of the oft-expressed anti-short-fiction bias here at
: RA, the '40s month gave me an excuse (however weak, given that most of
: its contents are from MANHUNT's heyday a decade later) to read Leo
: Margulies's 1960 Pyramid Books antho DAMES, DANGER, DEATH.

Oft-expressed? Surely not. We may have the usual proportion of people who don't like short stories, but I'd bet it's better than normal, because people pick up anthologies or collections of a writer's pulp work and find they like the length after all. I really liked reading Hammett's shorts, and I would have read more pulp short stories from the '30s and '40s over the last two months if I hadn't been pressed for reading time.

If you're a short-story-disliker, trying getting an anthology like Pronzini and Adrian's HARDBOILED or one of Jakubowski's and reading one story in a sitting once a week. The old writers honed their skills in short stories, and when they were good, they were diamond sharp.


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