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Date: 15 Nov 2002

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> Went by one of the used book stores in town and picked up three new ones.
> I've got a question about the Pendleton series. They had a couple hundred
> of
> them, most of them titled as Don Pendleton's Executioner Series or
> like that. Skirting mentioning him specifically as the author, I assumed
> those
> labelled that way were ghosted. Looking hard for as early as I could
> I
> found a #46 which had him listed as an author, or so it seemed. Copyright
> 1982. And then I found a #40, and when I looked at the copyright on it,
> was 1982 also! I thought hell with this... if he's writing 6 a year I
> think
> I want to any part of it.
> But then I found a #37 which brought me back to 1979. Is this book by Don
> Pendleton himself? Can a #37 in a series really be any good? I bought it
> for
> cheap.

miker -- #37 is by Pendleton, #40 is by Steven Krauzer, #46 is by Ray Obstsfeld. Yeah, #37 is good, but only if you've read the first 36 and liked them. It's the next to the last book in the series actually by Pendleton. After that it's taken over by other writers. You can tell who wrote the books by looking for the "Special Thanks and Acknowledgment" on the copyright page. As in any series written by a stable of authors, some are pretty good, some are pretty awful.

I like the Joe Copp books by Pendleton, a PI series with titles like COPP FOR HIRE, COPP ON FIRE, etc. Never read any of the Ashton Ford series by Pendleton, which, IIRC, is about a detective with psychic abilities. That ought to come in handy.


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