RARA-AVIS: Seriously about Don Pendleton now

From: Michael Robison ( zspider@gte.net)
Date: 15 Nov 2002

Went by one of the used book stores in town and picked up three new ones. I've got a question about the Pendleton series. They had a couple hundred of them, most of them titled as Don Pendleton's Executioner Series or something like that. Skirting mentioning him specifically as the author, I assumed those labelled that way were ghosted. Looking hard for as early as I could find, I found a #46 which had him listed as an author, or so it seemed. Copyright 1982. And then I found a #40, and when I looked at the copyright on it, it was 1982 also! I thought hell with this... if he's writing 6 a year I don't think I want to any part of it.

But then I found a #37 which brought me back to 1979. Is this book by Don Pendleton himself? Can a #37 in a series really be any good? I bought it for cheap.

Bad news on the comic book side of things. I found nothing. I went to a new store which wasn't much, but they had nothing that was mentioned here, and at Barnes and Noble all them were under science fiction/fantasy and it looked like they were sincere about it.


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