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Date: 03 Aug 2002

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<For a first assignment, I chose Assignment-Burma

<Cover: A babe with something exotic draped around her lower
<half and showing her bare back (significantly dimpled)

You're absolutely right. From now on I will use the euphemism "significant dimple" in polite company, if that's okay with you.

<Review to follow if I finish it and it's good, or at least
<half-good. Aarons writes straight sentences with good
<action verbs.

Action verbs always make me think of Wade Miller. Nobody tries harder. A few examples from just a couple of pages of "Guilty Bystander":
"A curved line of dim light was born. It fattened as the heavy door opened",
"The single bulb flashed on, blasting the darkness",
"Suddenly her arched brows jumped together",
"Judith was standing on tiptoe to fret with the bonds",
"Judith Wilmington moved around to attack the cord binding his right wrist"
"the banging again racketed the length of the boat"
"the wind enveloped his half-naked body"

My experience of Aarons is mixed. In the Assignment series, I thought
"Treason" was outstanding. Place and atmosphere came across brilliantly.
"Ankara" started well but faded quickly. Non-series, "The Art Studio Murders" has to be one of the dullest books I read last year.

Incidentally, Edward Aarons and Donald Hamilton seem to be the easiest GM authors to find in my part of the world.


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