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Date: 24 Apr 2002

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<< The reason must be that the debate is useful because it clarifies our ideas about...Jack Frost, say. There are always more books, there is always more to sort out. >>

    And on top of that, this stuff is fun to talk about. We all enjoy the books and the characters and the writers, and we get a kick out of spinning them through our heads.
    As for the problems with reaching agreement on definitions, I believe a good chunk of the difficulty is that we are often defining different things. While Jim D. is trying to put a clarifying fence based on the styles and purposes of the originators of the genres, several other folks seem to be arguing for a definition more closely tied to current popular tastes, and still others want to argue for something no more universal than, "This is what I mean by hard-boiled."
    Hard to get any agreement out of that, but that's okay. The thread has once again led to some entertaining and insightful posts.

                                    Jim Blue


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