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From: Kerry (
Date: 11 Apr 2002

At 06:17 AM 4/11/02 -0400, you wrote:
><< I read your query regarding Umpchay. This is
> a child's secret language. It may still be in common usage among school
> children, although not having been a school child for some time I don't
>know for sure. >>
>When I was a kid, Pig Latin was a language used by adults to speak secretly
>in front of children; that's how I've used it in my w-i-p book, too. Am I
>alone in this interpretation?

Far be it from me to claim all variations of the Queens English originated north of the 49th, but American Pig Latin is in fact derived from a Canadian pattern of speech, albeit one that was adopted by our friends to the south by changing the spelling to "ay" and adding a small flourish of their own, the better to claim the innovation. The results were so gratifying that Americans employed the pattern with every word, whereas Canadians, conservative by nature, saved the expression "eh?" for the end of every sentence, as in "Enough, eh?"


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