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From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 10 Mar 2002

> Speaking of characters, all you Thompson fans are leaving out one of
> favorites: POP. 1280. Nick Corey is every bit as intriguing -- and
> -- as Lou Ford (KILLER INSIDE ME).
We haven't left it out, we'd already mentioned it much earlier in the same strand/s. Pop 1280 is my personal favourite book of all time
(purely subjective opinion, of course) & I know many others here & elsewhere consider it his best. We'd just worked our way down the list to some of the less lauded books of Thompson's ouvre. Check the archives out, it's worth doing just for the info on books & authors you may not know of - I used to consider myself more than a little knowledgeable on the topic of hardboiled & noir lit but this list is constantly drawing my attention to new authors & books, many of whom I didn't even know existed let alone that they would be of particular interest to someone with my tastes.


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