From: Miano, Mark (NBC) ( Mark.Miano@nbc.com)
Date: 10 Mar 2002


Can you repost the address of Terrill's bookstore? I'll head there and pay homage as soon as work lightens up.

I'm glad you had a nice trip. I'm from NYC and for most of my life had the typical east coast knee-jerk reaction to LA (fear and loathing, mostly). I finally visited here four years ago and had a great time with friends. Then two years ago, my employer was looking to send worker bees west so I volunteered. It took a while to get used to the change (car ownership was a big challenge) but I've fallen in love with the city. I live in Los Feliz, right on the edge of all the Hollywood sleaze, and I dig it. Walking down Hollywood Boulevard at night, I get shivers thinking about all the mystery history -- much as I do in foggy San Francisco or parts of noir New York.

One night I was walking down The Boulevard and hit upon one of the things that makes Hollywood great. It seems to be untouched by corporate America: no Starbucks, Barnes and Nobles, Banana Republics, etc. Unfortunately that's just recently changed after a new building project on the corner of Highland and Hollywood; it's where the Academy Awards are going to be held from now on. On the ground floor, center stage, is a big fat obnoxious Gap. How can there be diversity when we all dress alike, eat alike, and even drink the same crappy coffee? But other than that one glitch, the rest of the road is paved with spectacular old theaters (Grauman's Chinese, The Egyptian), beer and steak joints (Musso and Frank's is the best) and so many characters.

Speaking of characters, all you Thompson fans are leaving out one of my favorites: POP. 1280. Nick Corey is every bit as intriguing -- and murderous
-- as Lou Ford (KILLER INSIDE ME).

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