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From: Michael Robison (
Date: 09 Mar 2002

>jim said:
> I said earlier that I had quibbles with George P, and this is one of
> them. I think that the overlisting and reiteration (I know it is post
> mantra to do so, but I don't care) of song titles, rock groups, the sizes
> restaurant checks, and bar tips, etc., is distracting and too much author
> showoff stuff. He's so good that it makes me grind my teeth every time I
> find him being an auteur. However, I believe this stuff appears with less
> frequency and is less intrusive in his more recent work, so either he is
> toning it down or I'm getting immune to the problem.

i've read somewhere that all of hemingway's books are "period" pieces except _the sun also rises_. i don't agree with that but i mentioned it because apparently there are quite a few people who think that being to period-specific weakens a book. boy! tough ole world out there, ain't it? write too generically and a book loses believability.


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