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Date: 17 Feb 2002


A. Derek Raymond's "factory" cycle.

I should have double checked first! In fact, you and me we are both wrong. There's a total of 6 books in that cycle (but I didn't read the two last ones yet).

 In order to clarify, I give the list as found in my documents: HE DIED WITH HIS EYES OPEN (1983) THE DEVIL'S HOME ON LEAVE (1984) HOW THE DEAD LIVE (1986) I WAS DORA SUAREZ (1990) DEAD MAN UPRIGHT (1993) NOT TILL THE RED FOG RISES (1994)

The second on the list is one of the best novels by D R. (IMO) And as already said, '…Dora Suarez', his masterpiece. The last two novels were both published in London by Brown,Little&Company.

B. And, as far as I know, from the rest of his corpus there is another novel that was not published in English: SICK TRANSIT (1982)

 Until now I never saw a complete list of Raymond's short stories. Part of the explanation is that he never paid attention to this kind of texts and was always reluctant to assemble them in anthologies, thinking they were not good enough. Amongst them: There was a novella: EACH DAY IS AUGUST ( = my guess - I do not know the English title as I saw it in French only: "Chaque jour est un jour du mois d'aoot; - 1990) And of course the short story in 'London Noir': BRAND NEW DEAL- 1994, Serpent's Tail

- I think it was indicated in R-A previously, but there is a CD published in the UK with Derek Raymond reading parts of his 'I was Dora Suarez'
- There was a series of telefilms by the BBC in 1990 based on "The Factory", but I never saw anything of it.

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--- Mark Sullivan <> wrote:
> Etienne wrote:
> "And of course read his novels like the four of the
> "Factory" cycle,
> cycle ending with a masterpiece: I WAS DORA SUAREZ
> (1990)."
> Actually, there are five. Dead Man Upright came
> after Suarez, but it is
> a bit of a comedown from that masterpiece.
> "Or like: NIGHTMARE IN THE STREET (1988)"
> I read a few years ago that this was finally going
> to come out in
> English. An excerpt was printed as a short story,
> in the first Fresh
> Blood anthology, I think. I never saw anything more
> about it. Does
> anyone know what's up with it?
> Mark

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