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Date: 17 Feb 2002


A. Factory cycle

Not Till the Red Fog Rises is not a Factory book. It's about a guy who gets out of prison and gets caught up in things he doesn't understand, becoming the pawn in strategies between various other players.

C. Short Stories

Every Day Is a Day in August has been published in English, in the shortlived Purr magazine (I think it also showed up in an anthology).

There is also Changeless Susan, in two anthologies (I have it in More Murders for the Fireside)

If I recall correctly, the story in London Noir was the opening chapter of Red Fog.

Fresh Blood I contains the first chapter of Nightmare in the Street in English.

D. Curio

There are three other recordings of Derek Raymond readings that I know of:

Changless Susan is on a CD that comes with the hardback of the German translation of Red Fog (last I checked, still available from

Purr put out a double 10" record that featured Raymond's final reading on July 14, 1994, just shortly before he died. He read rom He Died With His Eyes Open. (It also has readings from Stewart Home and Iain Sinclair, music from Sonic Youth with Iggy Pop and a few others.)

A small part of that reading is included in the double CD 3 Fingers and a Fumb, put out by Bast First.


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