RARA-AVIS: survey to vea to hardboiled definition

From: Michael Robison ( zspider@gte.net)
Date: 20 Jan 2002

manuel ramos said:

> IMO, Vea is a great writer, but I can't see that his books are noir. The
> endings are too upbeat, although the characters go through hell to get
> Michael, I know you want a "definitive" list of hard-boiled and noir
> writers, and a clear definition. If you look at the archives you will see
> that these are regular topics here. There have been some very good
> at defining the genre. I'm still learning.

i'm in the same boat, manuel. i'm just now getting a feel for the
"hardboiled" and "noir". i don't really know how to search the archives. i imagine i go to the web site and type in a word or phrase, same as if i was looking for a book at amazon. like you noted, i'm sure the discussion of "what is hardboiled?" is not a new one.

near as i can tell, upbeat endings are definitely not hardboiled. haha. the detective might get his man (or woman) but too much mud, blood, and beer went into the gutter to be real happy about it.


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