RARA-AVIS: Crime Fiction in Cuba

From: Mrriter@aol.com
Date: 08 Jan 2002

Since Jose Latour graciously has agreed to be on this list for a few weeks, I'm going to take this opportunity to ask him several questions about crime fiction in Cuba.

Jose, your book "Outcast" was so well received in the US that I assume there will be another one soon. Is that right? How about your previous books, any chance that they will be published in English? Are they similar to "Outcast" in characters or setting? Are they as hard-boiled and tough as "Outcast"? Is there much of a "tradition" or history of hard-boiled writing in Cuba? Which Cuban or Latin American authors who write in this genre do you recommend?

In "Outcast," a major shift in your character Elliot Steil occurs when he makes it to the US. In fact, he turns from naive teacher to cold, calculating criminal. The notion that a victim, during the process of surviving, can become as hard as anyone who took advantage of him is an idea that many on this discussion list probably would appreciate, at least in their reading. Does that idea appear in your other books?

Manuel Ramos

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